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Maarten, you are right! I just wrote to them a long email :-) and made a reference to Wikipedia and some other organizations using or will be using CC license in Finland. (I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but I have been participating a working group by the Ministry of Finance that is deciding upon the license for public sector information in Finland. Two things I have been advocating: 1) culture sector's information should be seen also as PSI, and 2) the government and the various municipalities should use CC0 instead of CC-BY. I guess the first one is going through more or less, because I just heard that Finna (https://www.finna.fi/?lng=en-gb) will also go for CC0 with their metadata. This is not public yet! This does not sound that impressive because Europeana, but has in need required a lot of legwork :-)

Adam, when entering the service one needs to agree the terms of use:

"The downloadable photographs from the Wartime Photograph Archive can be used by anyone. When you publish a photograph from the archive, mention "SA-kuva" as the source. You may not use the photographs to mislead people. You may not use the photographs for unlawful or inappropriate purposes."

(actually the text in Finnish is a bit different, it refers to offensive use).

I guess what they mean by "inappropriate purposes" falls under moral issues, and I guess with this sentence they want to show respect to the people who were in the war and their families. However I do agree with you, people who would use these pictures in condescending way do not care about the license.

I really hope that we would be able to make them use the CC license!



On 2.5.2013, at 14.12, Adam Green <adam.green at okfn.org<mailto:adam.green at okfn.org>>

These are great! Do you have any more info about what such inappropriate usage might be? I'm struggling to imagine. I expect that anyone wanting to any really inappropriate stuff with them maybe wouldn't care about obeying licensing restrictions so much anyway, but I may be wrong.

On 2 May 2013 11:53, Maarten Brinkerink <mbrinkerink at beeldengeluid.nl<mailto:mbrinkerink at beeldengeluid.nl>> wrote:
Think I wouldn't hurt to at least point them to the fact that this makes them incompatible with other open knowledge initiatives like for instance Wikipedia.



Op 2 mei 2013, om 12:39 heeft Marttila Sanna-Maria <sanna.marttila at aalto.fi> het volgende geschreven:

> Hey Joris, all
> It is a wonderful collection of photos isn't it. It has been so popular that the servers were down for many days. This was actually the collection that i was referring to, that they have "home-made" license information, they allow free and open use and re-use, but want to restrict the use in "inappropriate" (what ever that means). Me and Petri Kola (probably you met in Helsinki during the OKFestival) are planning workshops with users and developers to link these pictures with Finnish army's records etc.
> However that you reminded me!
> all the best,
> Sanna
> On 1.5.2013, at 22.22, Joris Pekel <joris.pekel at okfn.org>
> wrote:
>> Hi all, and particularly Sanna,
>> I was just looking at this great collection of World War II photos from Finland. Really nice footage. The licensing here is again a bit weird, it basically says it is a CC-BY-SA license, although it is not mentioned. Sanna, might be worth getting in touch with explaining a bit and mention the fact that using the CC license will make a much stronger legal case?
>> http://sa-kuva.fi/neo?tem=webneoeng
>> Cheers!
>> Joris
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