[Openglam_members] Using Open Collections for our next hackathon...

Estermann Beat beat.estermann at bfh.ch
Thu Nov 19 15:57:29 UTC 2015

Thanks, Lieke, the backend solves indeed most of my issues! ;-)

Another question: Would it be possible to display all the items on the same map?
Right now, there are only 10 entries displayed at a time, which doesn’t make much sense to me… (it’s not a critical issue, more like a nice to have)


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Dear Beat,

Great that you want to use the platform for the hackathon, and thanks for the extensive feedback!
Some comments after checking up:

 1.  You are right that this looks confusing, I'll see if we can adapt this through the template we use
 2.  Selecting multiple languages is actually possible through the backend, as well as editing previous entries. Try logging in directly through http://open-collections.okfn.org/admin. I will check if this can be adapted in the form
 3.  Same goes for the rights: in the backend you can select Add input to have mutliple options
 4.  This would be good to have, I will check up if we can add this to our template
As for the practical considerations, the easiest way to do this would be to add the tag CH2016 to them. Data can be exported from the collections interface (so not from a specific collection detail page, but from the page with search results i.e. a selected list of collections). You will see Output formats at the bottom and can choose between atom, dcmes-xml, json, omeka-json, omeka-xml, rss2. The atom output of the two collections with the tag 'Folk Art' for example looks like this: http://open-collections.okfn.org/items/browse?tags=Folk+Art&output=atom.

Hope that helps!

Best, Lieke

On 17 November 2015 at 18:48, Estermann Beat <beat.estermann at bfh.ch<mailto:beat.estermann at bfh.ch>> wrote:
Dear Marieke, dear all,

I’m seriously considering using the Open Collections platform in the context of our next cultural hackathon (1-2 July 2016).

So I did a few test uploads a couple of days ago and ran into the following issues/questions (some of them may already have been raised last spring when the Open Collections page was launched):

1. The layout of the submission form for new collections is not very fortunate (given the present spacing between the text and the fields I always tend to associate the fields with the text directly below – which is wrong…)
2. Why is the number of languages of a resource limited to one? (Would it be possible to allow several languages to be selected? We do have some genuinely multilingual institutions in Switzerland…)
3. Rights: only one option possible (this is a problem when you have collections with both Public Domain and freely licensed content – presently, it’s impossible to declare both, and I don’t really have the intention of artificially splitting certain photo collections in two parts because of this; it would be great if there was a workaround for this as well)
4. It is impossible to provide a caption for the picture provided (this is not in line with some of the license stipulations, e.g. CC-by asking to indicate the name of the creator)
5. I cannot edit the collections which I have added, but there are mistakes! – It’s rather unlikely that we’ll be able to use the platform in view of the upcoming hackathon if we cannot edit existing description texts (posting information on behalf of third parties is tricky if you cannot make changes if they ask you to do so)!

And there are two further practical considerations:
- Is it possible to display collections from Switzerland separately? (e.g. by providing an URL like: http://openglam.org/open-collections/country/CH), or is it possible to add a specific tag to some of the collections, e.g. “CH2016” in order to display a given subset of collections on a separate page?
- Can the data that is entered on the open collections page be exported? (could you give an example how such a data dump would look like?)

Kind regards,

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