[opensourcepharma] Crowdsourcing Ideas for Ebola Medicines. Even Some Democracy.

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Really wonderful  to see . We were  searching for such  a  wonderful
project . We will   work  on that and share   feed back

Once  the molecules   are available  and   free  to discuss  will become
 bold step   in open source  . Congratulations !!!!!!

On Tue, Oct 21, 2014 at 4:05 PM, Matthew Todd <mattoddchem at gmail.com> wrote:

> All,
> It'd be useful for the community to have a place where we can suggest,
> discuss and vote on molecules, and current needs of the Ebola community
> make me think of this again. People are suggesting ideas for new medicines
> in various places and the suggestions are not being coordinated. We will
> ultimately need a method for collaboratively whittling down good hits from
> future experimental screens.
> A while back a volunteer for the Open Source Malaria consortium developed
> an alpha of a molecule voting system. Anyone could upload a molecule, link
> to another resource, explain the usefulness of the molecule and ask for
> feedback. Voting was possible, and observers could get involved in the
> debate.
> The talented guy who developed this, Mike Robins
> <https://au.linkedin.com/in/mikerobins>, did so in his spare time. His
> code is openly available, and a snapshot of the alpha (an example I created
> yesterday) can be seen here:
> It'd be great if people with better connections than I to software
> communities were willing to try to get people interested in taking the
> alpha to a beta that we could actually roll out for the open discussion of
> literally hundreds of molecules for e.g. Ebola. Besides cosmetic tweaks,
> we'd need to make sure it's searchable, has the ability to group/connect
> related structures and generally caters to the needs of likely users. Would
> anyone like to run this past possible contributors/coding communities? Is
> this a good candidate for a short competition or prize, sourced from an
> interested organisation? I foresee opportunities in spurring interest in
> both the coding and in the subsequent uploading of good molecule
> suggestions.
> Happy to provide specification list as a starting point, and Mike's
> available to help with initial coding work.
> (There are lots of ways of setting up polls online, but each of those we
> looked at suffered from one of i) lack of openness, ii) onerous sign-up,
> iii) no picture uploads or iv) lack of commenting functionality. If anyone
> knows of something that might suit, please say.)
> Best,
> Mat
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