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Dear all,

Some recent items of interest to this list.

1) The second Open Source Pharma meeting is taking place in Germany in 5
weeks' time. Several of you on this list are attending. The document for
defining the agenda is now open <http://tinyurl.com/osp2program>, and I'd
like to invite anyone to add items they see as important. What are the most
pressing issues and roadblocks? What projects need to be designed and
implemented as pilots? What are the steps we need to take in the next 12
months? What projects ought to be started now, and can we make a start on
those while we're together? At this early stage no need for fully-fledged
agenda items - feel free to add just notes and suggestions. The agenda is
being constructed over the next month or so. In about one week I will alert
the public to this document, but wanted to give subscribers to this list a
little lead time.

2) Interesting articles in an open access special issue
<http://www.future-science.com/toc/fmc/7/6> on schistosomiasis in Future
Med Chem.

3) Review <http://www.nature.com/nrd/journal/v14/n4/full/nrd4578.html> on
"Mitigating Risk in Academic Preclinical Drug Discovery"

4) Perspective <http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp1500848> in the
NEJM on the Tufts $2.6Bn figure for drug development.

5) Paper <http://rsif.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/12/104/20141289>
on the use of artificial intelligence techniques in repositioning.

6) Continuing rhetoric
that open science is important in the future directions of the EU.

7) Review <http://www.nature.com/nrd/journal/v14/n7/full/nrd4609.html> of
attrition rates in 4 pharma companies. "The results also suggest that
further control of physicochemical properties is unlikely to have a
significant effect on attrition rates and that additional work is required
to address safety-related failures. Further cross-company collaborations
will be crucial to future progress in this area."



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