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Dear all – FYI.

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Dear Jaykumar Menon,

I am pleased to invite you to participate in the Ebola Innovation Summit: 21st Century Tools to Tackle Ebola and Improve Health, where experts will develop new approaches and partnerships to make progress against key innovation challenges. The Summit, hosted by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation in partnership with the Skoll Global Threats Fund and the U.S. Agency for International Development, will be held at the Innovation Hangar at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco on April 21, 2015.

While tremendous progress has been made toward ending this Ebola epidemic, there are still persistent obstacles to our global goal of getting to zero Ebola cases and much we can do to promote recovery in West Africa and prevent future pandemics. This meeting will focus on some of the most vexing gaps in the Ebola response and recovery, encourage the application of 21st Century tools and knowledge in new ways, and pave pathways for urgently getting the most promising innovations to market.

The Summit will have a strong interactive problem-solving component and include opportunities to help participants take advances forward after the event.

Participants will be a mix of scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, implementers, government experts, and private sector donors who will be asked to help tackle a set of Innovation Challenges. The challenges will be refined leading up to and during the Summit, but will fall into the following categories:

  *   Data Coordination
  *   Diagnostics
  *   Community-Based Communications and Behavior Change Platforms
  *   Emergency Infrastructure and Logistics

You are being invited based on your potential to develop and/or deploy innovative solutions to address Ebola, promote recovery, and prevent future pandemics. I hope you will be able to join us. Please RSVP no later than March 21 by clicking here<http://stats.eventcore.com/wf/click?upn=qjuJZCadLsfjwQg5auW-2Fkonb8tHZhC1G7Ffp9yTtNJEifi-2BWEHE-2FItbnCWpxw-2BN-2FZZX8tmOlVZiacpK8leyhWZgRXXIflRUspKKvrK7p7GvdXgGhJEwOTZhChh2V1Qb-2FlVdqo-2F7NP2fWKO7qb0xWJLw0MavabvOl-2FgoV1jmgj9Ez0LTMUie31YlH4cxs8Dc7_FK-2BknwRDK90S9jMLSH0JUQX7-2F-2BzwjlsbLoIJ0mZxLNKtlL2AP-2BwH5yjU4TS6uyUfa5qx9iXCaek8y2a2i4E1Deo2WMnmL5GiMGFUFxW22-2FZMe5uTQHq8C3Y0Q94QUQH-2Bg3SD9bmTDsgiNXgSwBk3wUYjaqJbusLAzgqHpD-2BYDE8FXJj3bGJQugp0Mzen4-2FuJSKfwU0s3PTf6f2dRjz-2B2I4T-2FdN9RdOp6h1q4fw2TsgR3fo7wAd0mjsWh8y8xYgwQKaZl-2FQhWyF8S2UQOZqWJcEOht1SgWsXwiboJrAvrwgvLydbeP0woByFqZB3qlM3s> to register. Email info at ebolasummit.org<mailto:info at ebolasummit.org> if you have questions.


Gabrielle Fitzgerald
Director, Ebola Program
Paul G. Allen Family Foundation

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