[opensourcepharma] go Mat! and go alternative models!

Jaykumar Menon jaykumar.menon at mcgill.ca
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Dear all,

Fantastic stratagem from Mat and the U of Sydney and Open Source Malaria, cleverly highlighting the high cost of drugs and making global news!  In the New York press, poor Shkreli is called the "pharma bro".   Not that his business model is altogether different from that of many other firms.


Martin Shkreli was the ''big pharma bro" who outraged the world by hiking the price of an essential drug from $US13.50 ($18) to $US750 a tablet.

Now a handful of year 11 students in Sydney have shown him up, cooking the same drug in their school lab for about $2 a dose.

Notorious pharma exec Martin Shkreli is downplaying the success of high school students who recreated his $750 life-saving medication for just $2, saying "anyone can make any drug" and denying he got "owned" by the junior scientists.


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