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> Open Source Toolkit Channel is
> Open for Submission
> The Open Source Toolkit Channel features a breadth of hardware and software articles and online projects that can be used in basic and applied research and/or science education settings across different fields.
> Channel Editors aim to showcase how open source tools can lead to innovation, democratization and increased reproducibility.
> Channels integrate content from PLOS journals and the broader literature, supplemented by commentary, blogs and discussions. Explore recent research, projects and related content, and click ✉ FOLLOW this channel for article updates.
> Meet the Open Source Toolkit Channel editors, whose diverse expertise help guide the curation of open source hardware and software research in a single and accessible global portal. Channel Editors welcome suggestions for content.
> Tom Baden  |   André Maia Chagas
> PLOS Journals Welcome Submissions in This Field
> Topics Include:
> Hardware
> 3D printed tools
> Bio-printing
> Environmental & field tools
> Microscopy
> Prosthetics
> Application or development of open source hardware in the natural sciences
> Software
> Computer vision & motion tracking
> Data analysis, data sharing & databases
> Equipment control
> Lab management
> Operating systems
> Image processing, office suites & general-purpose software
> Public Library of Science
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> US
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