[opensourcepharma] food for thought

Jaykumar Menon jaykumar.menon at mcgill.ca
Mon Jan 22 00:03:53 UTC 2018

Fascinating piece for several reasons.  One, it lucidly and simply explains bitcoin and blockchain.  Two, it describes the open protocols at the heart of "Internet One" - HTTP, TCP/IP, SMTTP, etc, the layer beneath the Internet Two, the proprietary platforms of Facebook, etc.  Three, it describes alternative forms of microcompensation for those involved in "commons-based" production.  Four, some clear analogies to be drawn for open source pharma.  Curious as to everyone's thoughts, especially as to point four.

An open source platform for pharma, one that is commons-based, non proprietary, where  software developers?  People? receive microcompensation in the form of a token/coin-MedicineToken?  PharmaCoin? MediCoin? - for helping build the network?


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