[openspending-dev] Pre-launch support, OpenSpending for Oakland, Calif.

Adam Stiles adam.d.stiles at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 22:47:37 UTC 2013


We're doing a soft launch of our site on Monday, and have some last-minute
needs. Any help is greatly appreciated!

On the following page:

- CSS issue with treemap; text bleeds beyond the edge of the
rectangles. Tryggvi
suggested modifying treemap.css, which I tried but I'm probably doing
something wrong. Our treemap.css is here:

- How do we make widgets generate unique URLs for each click/drilldown?

- Trying to create simple breadcrumbs (to "drill up" after drilling down)
on this page based on help I got
Mark Brough. Can someone tell me why it isn't working (maybe that
method only works with iframes?), or suggest a better method?

THANKS. Hope I can return all the favors by praising the good work of OS. A
journalist colleague is now looking at OpenSpending to visualize Alameda
County's budget data based on our experience in Oakland :)


Adam Stiles
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