[openspending-dev] Spending Stories Calendar

Friedrich Lindenberg friedrich at pudo.org
Mon Jan 14 13:37:26 UTC 2013

Actually, this is the use cases for two apps, spendingstories.org (the 
calendar) and mapthemoney.org (the CSO map), but we were discussing 
merging them to avoid further confusion. I think we'll begin with the 
basic calendar almost as a blog and then add semantics as we discover 
them - so the question there is just what the simplest calendar app 
looks like. We also have a lot of the contact information for "related 
groups" already in GDocs, so this will probably end up as a speedy
GDocs-to-Map thing in the first instance.

- Friedrich

On 1/9/13 11:37 AM, Rufus Pollock wrote:
> My immediate thought here is: that's quite a lot of use cases ;-)
> Are there a few on which one could focus?
> This would help me offer useful comments as to tech options ...
> Rufus
> On 8 January 2013 14:16, Friedrich Lindenberg <friedrich at pudo.org
> <mailto:friedrich at pudo.org>> wrote:
>     Hey Rufus,
>     (for others, context:
>     http://www.pbs.org/idealab/2012/12/an-open-call-for-ideas-how-would-you-use-openspendings-data-calendar353.html)
>     I was trying to ping you earlier about a technical question, trying
>     to get your sense about the Spending Stories Calendar. There's user
>     stories under http://wdmmg.okfnpad.org/calendar, and we're undecided
>     about whether these put it into Wordpress/Duct-tape/Recline/GDocs
>     land or whether to have a bespoke Python app (perhaps using GDocs in
>     the back-end). I know that you're biased towards "glue apps" more
>     than I am, plus it's more hackable without Python dev time. Still,
>     my sense is that having a proper app would be better in terms of SEO
>     and reliability.
>     What do you think?
>     Cheers,
>       - Friedrich
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