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Morgen Peers morgenpeers at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 15:32:48 UTC 2010

hey. at the open data ottawa meetup last week some ideas emerged about where
does my money go.

if the idea is replicable across countries, what software would best support

we discussed the potential utility of Cytoscape Web:

it takes real network data and visualizes the network in a web-browser in
real-time. many of the graphs components can be visually manipulated to
represent numerous values.

the link below illustrates the use of Cytoscape to display multiple values
related to an election:


so for example, a ministry's expenses can be visualized concurrently with
revenue, where revenue is represented as node opacity or border thickness or
border colour gradient.

cytoscape auto-generates legends and i am unsure how the generation of
legends connects to the web-embed.

Cytoscape Web was hacked together in Toronto and is open source. free to
amend as needed.

in ottawa we're going to look at the code and jot down ideas. what is the
guts of wdmmg right now? is it based on network data? if not, what are its
relative strengths as code/approach?

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