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Hi everyone,
Open Tech this year is earlier than usual on the 21 May. See details below.
If anyone has ideas for what we might want to do from a Where Does My Money
Go perspective do post here, and we can then co-ordinate with Sam.


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Today's Topics:

  1. OpenTech 2011 - 21st May - details inside (Sam Smith)


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Hey all,

Earlier in the year this time, OpenTech 2011 is on 21st May.

Announcement is below, but we're looking for talks, sponsorship, and much
much more. If you can help with those, just email us. If not, you can be
possibly even more helpful by considering which groups you'd like to hear
from, and passing the below onto any mailing lists you think relevant.

thanks, Sam

OpenTech 2011
Saturday 21 May, London
Sponsored by you?

*What is OpenTech 2011?*
- OpenTech 2011 is an informal, low-cost, one-day conference on slightly
different approaches to technology, politics and transport.

*What's the day going to have?*
- Technology
- Transport
- Democracy
- Now with added hardware!
- you...

*What are we looking for?*
- Proposals from people who want to give a presentation, run a panel,
organise a
 tutorial, or run a demo of something new and interesting.
- Publicity - please blog/tweet/forward and tell your friends!
- anything that we should have that we don't know we're looking for

*What topics do we hope to cover?*
- Technology
- Democracy
- Transport (and travel)
- London - and other cities
- Sustainability - how to turn hackdays and demos into something more
- Open Hardware - doing things technologies were perhaps not intended to do

If you've got an interesting proposal that doesn't fit into any of the
above, please send it in anyway!

*What have we already got talks or sessions about?*
- Community linked data
- FixMyTransport.org
- and other vagueish things being firmed up

We're still looking for more talks on all our topics, so if you want to
something, we're waiting to hear your ideas.

*How do I submit a proposal?*
- Online form at

- Deadline for submissions is midnight on 2nd March 2011.

*Can I buy or reserve a ticket to the event?*
- Join our mailing list at
 and we'll email
 you nearer the time with more information.

*Any other questions?*
- Read the submissions page at
www.ukuug.org/opentech/offer or email opentech at ukuug.org

More information at

-- the OpenTech 2011 organisers
   (David, Anna, Sam)



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