[wdmmg-discuss] Israel budget data

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Tue Jan 18 11:47:29 UTC 2011

Hi Roy,

CC'ing the discuss list as this is of general interest.

On 18 January 2011 10:59, Roy Peled, FOIM <roy at meida.org.il> wrote:
> Dear Rufus,
> When we met in the Opengovernmentdatacamp, you mentioned that the Israel
> budget was more or less ready to be loaded onto wdmmg. If I remember
> correctly, you said its a matter of clicking "go" and that's it. Assuming
> it's not realy THAT simple, how can we facilitate the process and have it up
> in the air? We by now already have the 2011 budget too, which we would

It really is almost that simple -- and we've already done the bit of
extra work to write a loader at our end.

However, it is good to review what the data will look like so we can
fix the loader if need be. I propose is we load into our staging
server first, have a review and then load into live. (We may also want
to think about a lang attribute as all the descriptions are in hebrew
:) )

I'm also cc'ing my colleagues Anna Powell-Smith and Friedrich
Lindenberg who have been working on this.

> obviously like to add, but not if that would hold things back, in which case
> I would go with what we have and add that later.

Let's load what we've got (which we can do very rapidly and then
include the 2011 budget).



> Anyhow, please let me know what we should do to move things,
> Thanks,
> Roy
> Roy Peled
> Director
> Movement for Freedom of Information in Israel
> www.meida.org.il

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