[wdmmg-discuss] OKFN data day in Manchester - Tues 25th

Sam Smith s at msmith.net
Wed Jan 19 23:03:04 UTC 2011

Next Tuesday, 25th Jan, Rufus Pollock is giving a seminar in Manchester (4pm-5),
and there'll be an open-data workshop/discussion from 12-4 in Manchester. All welcome
to work on any aspect of OKFN's work.

This will be followed by a Seminar from 4pm-5pm: Open Data: What, Why How!
Rufus Pollock - University of Cambridge, Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law	
There has been growing interest in many circles, and especially in government regarding 'open data'. In this talk I explain what open is, what's its attraction is, especially for public sector information, from an economic and policy standpoint, and finally explain how governments and others can adopt this new approach. - http://www.ccsr.ac.uk/seminars

Followed by drinks in Sandbar from 5:30 (ish)

If you're interested in working with any OKFN related data - WhereDoesMyMoneyGo, 
CKAN, etc, you're very welcome to come along to any part of it. If you're interested
in coming to the workshop, please rsvp for location to s.smith at manchester.ac.uk.
The seminar and pub are open to all.

Please pass on to those you think might be interested.


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