[wdmmg-discuss] Italy's regional budget?

Chiara Mazzone chiara.mazzone at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 20:37:49 UTC 2011

Thank you. Can you just be more precise on what does "Previdenza e
integrazioni salariali" expenditure mean? What does they include and
represent for the regional level?

Thanks in advance,

Chiara Mazzone

2011/10/14 Martin Keegan <martin.keegan at okfn.org>

> Hello,
> this issue has been fixed in part: the data is now available again at
> http://www.openspending.org/dataset/italyregionalaccounts , but it is
> not on the list at http://www.openspending.org/dataset, so it's not
> discoverable; we're still working out how best to fix the latter
> issue.
> Mk
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