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Following the advise of Rufus+++++++++++++++++++++++++++Hi there,Good to hear from you but best thing is to email either of these 2 public lists:http://lists.okfn.org/mailman/listinfo/openspendinghttp://lists.okfn.org/mailman/listinfo/okfn-discussRegards, Rufus+++++++++++++++++++++++++++
I have posted to okfn-discuss at lists.okfn.org some time ago, but unfortunately got no answer.
Maybe the first posting was to the incorrect address. I hope this list is the right one.
Can you please look at my request for cooperation and answer whether it is interesting for OpenSpending to look at it?
Best regards, Valer Mischenko.

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Subject: cooperating with the OKF on the new initiative
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Date: Sunday, January 27, 2013, 12:45 PM

Hi there,
I have for the first time seen the presentation of OpenSpending at 26C3 in Berlin and followed the developments closely. You are already very far in helping the public to understand governmental spendings, but we can make a step further – put spendings under the direct control of the public. I know that sounds unreal, but it is possible. 
I am working on a new initiative in my free time. The Ontsloten (Dutch for unlocked) initiative is intended  to increase citizens' participation in decision making on public spendings. This is in the first instance by providing real-time insight in financial flows of
 various level governments.
In short I want to get governmental data unlocked on a public website ran by volunteers. This is the first step envisaged. The next one will be collectively deciding where the tax money be spent on. The ultimate goal is that people themselves define generic goals for their smaller or larger community and how much taxes they collectively need to pay
 to achieve these goals. That's, I believe, is the way to change the world to the better. 
This new initiative isn't about copying OpenSpending or other instrumental initiatives, which help to process / visualize scarcely
 published, succinct and belated data of governments. This is more about a social innovation intended to introduce new forms of self-regulation. 
The idea is to start on the local level – the level of a smaller municipality, and then expand to higher levels – province, state, suprastate levels. With a formal Citizens' Initiative we
 have managed to put this topic on the political agenda of our home town. This will be discussed coming Tuesday. If this will be supported by the local politics, then we'll start on our town's level with a program defining how the financial data will flow to the public in real time. 
Also at the higher level at the moment in The Netherlands there is a political initiative
 being undertaken to change the Law of Open Governance. By talking to the members of the Lower House I am pursuing a clause in the new law obliging to provide open digital information in real time where possible. The information on governmental finances is in principle publicly accessible, but too highly aggregated and significantly delayed, not allowing to reliably control spendings based on provided information. Having solely access to this delayed and high-level information on spendings allows only auditing
 of these data, but that's still far from directing spendings.
Why am I writing to you guys? That's not my full time job, I am
 seeking for assistance, and the Open Knowledge Foundation seemed to be the best party to cooperate with on creation of tools which would build the bridge between the governmental IT systems and the OpenSpending platform (or other visualization tools if necessary). 
My question is whether it is interesting for the OKF to start thinking
 together on this stuff and whether you have resources to help with building of a prototype for such system. That's needed because governments will not want to spend a penny on that. We can likely spawn them only if we make it easy for them.
What do you think?
Best regards, Valer
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