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Cocchiara Marco marco.cocchiara at tesoro.it
Fri Mar 1 11:50:08 UTC 2013

Hi all,

We're writing about the Italian data on Regional Public Accounts which are available on the OpenSpending platform at http://openspending.org/it-regional-accounts as well as at http://openspending.org/cpt2006-2010cofog as a result of a joint one-time work for upload and publication, made some time ago.

We worked a lot in the last months in order to guarantee the availability of the entire database (budgets of the whole Italian General Government/Public Sector at the regional level) in open format and we have just published two different sets of csv files, one on revenues and one on expenditures. They are both available:

-          At http://www.dps.tesoro.it/cpt/opencpt.asp with variable labels in Italian

-          At http://www.dps.tesoro.it/cpt-eng/rpa_opencpt.asp with variable labels in English in order to facilitate international reuse of information

The entire data time series (1996-2010) is now published under the CC BY-SA 3.0 licence so that users are allowed to: replicate, share and circulate both data and analyses in the public domain; change and adapt data; use data for business purposes, provided the same type of licence is applied.

As a result of such upgrades, it would be great to update Italian Regional Public Accounts data on the OpenSpending platform using the new csv files.

Please note that the txt duplicate on the datahub (http://datahub.io/group/openspending) can be removed.

Please let us know if you can proceed on your own for the publication on OpenSpending or need some kind of analytic support from us. And if, after this publication, you can perform an automatic upload when we update data (we are going to publish 2011 data in a few weeks' time).

We would like to support reuse of Italian data and all the OpenSpending visualizations are extremely useful for us....

A last (but not least!) request: is it possible to quote the source in the OpenSpending page related to these data including a link to the English web site on the Regional Public Accounts (http://www.dps.tesoro.it/cpt-eng/rpa_about.asp )? It would be great and it would help users in understanding some relevant methodological aspects extremely important in comparing visualization with other budget information!

Thank you for everything!

The Italian team of the Regional Public Accounts project

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