[OpenSpending] Aid donors' IATI data publication plans: analysis/data/calendars

Mark Brough mark.brough at publishwhatyoufund.org
Tue Mar 12 10:34:00 UTC 2013

Hi lists,

(including OpenSpending, because there was some discussion about a
spending data calendar a while ago.)

Thought some people on these lists might be interested - we just
launched some initial analysis of aid donors' plans to publish to
IATI. We took a series of Excel spreadsheets from donors and imported
them into a website that lets you play around with them a bit (as well
as download most of the data):


Some things you can do:
* see how different donors compare (they have been grouped according
to their level of ambition)
* see graphs of planned publication over time for each field in the standard
* get an iCal calendar feed of when individual donors are planning to
publish each field
* download the data and do your own analysis - we recommend you check
out the about page for some caveats and explanation of assumptions and
calculations we've made.

It's only initial analysis because we've made some assumptions and
interpretations of the implementation schedules that we want to go
back and check with donors; and also because we want to work with
donors this year to increase the level of ambition.

The code / data / content is all openly licensed; source code at the
bottom of above link.

Keen to get feedback and comments :-)


Mark Brough
Publish What You Fund
Skype: mark-brough - Twitter: @mark_brough

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