[OpenSpending] Russian historical budgets 1861-1991 soon

Ivan Begtin ibegtin at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 18:12:59 UTC 2014

Hi all!

Just a small pre-announce. Last year we (OKF Russia and "Informational
Culture") worked hard to convince russian Ministry of Finances to publish
all of it's data as opendata. Right now we not only convinced them but also
they promised to scan all of it's historical budgets since 1861 to 1991

As next step we are going to convert it to opendata, to visualize it and to
lauch hackathon and contest for historical budgets reuse.

A few questions:
1. Do you know any similar initiatives?
2. What is the best way to share our final contest and opendata results for
historical budgets?

Best Regards,
   Ivan Begtin

Director of NGO "Informational Culture"
email: ibegtin at infoculture.ru
phone: +7 499 500 96 58, +7 910 426 68 83
website: http://infoculture.ru
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