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Jorge Cardoso Leitão jorgecarleitao at gmail.com
Thu Jan 23 10:08:32 UTC 2014

This is a cross-post from the mailing list of open-government, as it was
there that this update would make more sense here.
Sorry for that.



I'm a portuguese doing my PhD in Dresden (on physics) and on my free time I
do some analysis to the portuguese public procurements. I recently found
the open knowledge foundation.

In concrete, I have a website and API using Django ORM
that daily crawls* the official portuguese
database<https://index.okfn.org/country/Portugal/spending> of
public procurements and I provide open sql access to a remote mysql
database I designed and populated (see
I'm now asking questions to the data like "When do portuguese
municipalities contract

It seems that you are already doing this kind of stuff for some time, and,
in particular, I'm doing what the international transparency in Slovakia is
doing <http://tender.sme.sk/en/reports?cut=contract_date:2014,01>.

What I've done so far is of a very limited scope: only now I'm finding that
there is an actual community very interested in this kind of stuff, which
I'm thrilled to find!

So, with this e-mail I'm trying to introduce myself and this little project
to this community, in the hope of receiving some feedback. I'm a little
overwhelmed by the amount of information the foundation has on the website,
and some guidance would be great. E.g., does this database and/or project
fits in the foundation in any way?

In the meanwhile, how can I help you?

I like this subject a lot and I agree with the vision of the foundation.
I'm not an expert in database or web development, thus I'm more into posing
scientific questions. Nevertheless, I'm also capable of designing and
querying a database, git, etc.


*The crawling was made posterior to confirmation with the official database
provider that I'm allowed to do so ;-)
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