[OpenSpending] Anyone going to PyCon 2014 in Montreal - co-host an open-space on Open Data / Open Spending / Open Contrating?

Sarah Bird sarah at aptivate.org
Sat Mar 1 23:48:07 UTC 2014

Hi OpenSpending,

I'm working on the Open Contracting project and was wondering if anyone is
attending PyCon in Montreal in April and would be interested in
co-proposing an open-space on opendata/openspending/opencontracting?

I missed out on getting a ticket to PyCon, but I've been chatting with the
organizers and it seems I could host an open-space if there was a
co-sponsor* who had a conference ticket.
So that means I'm more than willing to put in the bulk of the work, just
need some help on proposing the open space. Of course if someone wants to
get extra stuck-in that would be great.

*"sponsor" isn't a financial commit, just to put your name on a proposal
for the space.

All the best,

Sarah Bird

Sarah Bird
sarah at aptivate.org
skype: birdsarah

Aptivate - Ethical IT for International Development
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