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Eva Vozárová eva at fair-play.sk
Fri Mar 28 10:45:46 UTC 2014

Dear Michael,

in the Fair Play Alliance we are preparing a proposal regarding contracts
publishing. We will post the proposal today, here's a short description:

"We will share experiences with contracts publishing in different countries
and talk about the challenges and lessons learned. Palo Lacko and Eva
Vozarova will share their know-how from contracts publishing,
contracts-based advocacy and investigations in Slovakia - a model that has
proven successful for the last 3 years.

The session is to be a collaborative effort. We reach out to the OKFN to
share their perspectives and experiences with contracts-publishing. We also
invited the Open Contracting Partnership to take part in the session and
will reach out to other players involved in contracts publishing. We are
aware that other proposals concerning contracts publishing are being
submitted and we would like to figure out how to create a best joint effort.
Participants will have an opportunity to share their experiences, learn and
ask about other countries’ challenges and together, create a set of best
practices and recommendations for opening up contractual data (and working
with it subsequently) throughout the world."

Basically what we have in mind is a know-how sharing session about
practical experiences form contracts publishing (all the big and small
things that are probably gonna happen in all countries involved), rather
than a session focused on building standards.

We communicated about this with people form the Stop secret contracts
campaign and we also reached out to the Open Contracting partnership (via
Felipe Estefan) - people claimed to be interested in doing something
together, but apparently this needs more time for everyone to sync their
agendas and interests. Anyway, I hope that should the topic be interesting
for the program creators at OK Fest, we might all be able to do something

I'm afraid that I don't have the capacity at the moment to get involved in
thinking about a whole side event before the deadline on Sunday, but I
wanted to let you know that we're doing something about publishing
contracts and that we see the potential for something bigger here. We will
be glad to participate and help shape a common effort over the next weeks
and months, if you want to and if our topics and approaches turn out to

All the best,
Eva Vozarova

2014-03-28 1:25 GMT+01:00 Michael Roberts <michaelr at webfoundation.org>:

> Hi all,
> I believe many of you are aware of the upcoming OKCon in July in Berlin.
> There has also been lots of discussions and ideas floating around in this
> hackpad https://hackpad.com/OpenDev-at-OKFest14-SDobXcJkwPC
> in regards to ‘Open Development’ sessions.
> Some of us working on Open Contracting plan to submit session proposals
> for the formal event. That said, we are also thinking about a potential
> side event related to Open Contracting. This could take the form of a
> sprint or workshop possibly around the open contracting data standard draft
> for a half day or full day. Apparently there might also be space available
> through the Wikimedia Foundation. I am curious to hear your thoughts and
> what the Open Spending community might have already planned during and
> around the OKCon event, and the potential of collaborating around such a
> side event.
> Cheers,
> Michael
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