[OpenSpending] London Open Data Maker Night #13, Thursday 5th June

Andy Lulham a.lulham at gmail.com
Fri May 16 08:24:03 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Thanks to all who joined the last London Open Data Maker Night earlier this 
week. Despite the late notice, there was a good turnout and a lot of great 

So much so, in fact, that I feel sufficiently inspired to get on and email 
about the June meetup in a more timely manner! And that is what this email 

The next London Open Data Maker Night will be on Thursday, 5th June. As 
usual, we’ll meet at the Centre for Creative Collaboration (near Kings 
Cross) from 6.30pm (although it’s fine to drop in any time during the 
evening.) We normally begin with informal presentations, so if you want to 
present a project then let us know in advance, and/or come along for 6.30pm.

You can sign up to attend on the meetup page:

If you haven’t attended before, now’s your opportunity to come down and 
see what these meetups are about. If you don’t code but you’re 
interested, we can definitely find something cool for you to work on and 
even finish in an evening. And it’s free of course – although those of 
us who fancy getting pizza can chip in for that.

Please share this invite with relevant folks and mailing lists! And 
as usual, thanks to the Centre for Creative Collaboration for 
kindly hosting us.

Look forward to seeing you on the 5th!

Andy and Rufus

### What

Open Data Maker Nights are informal events focused on "making" with
open data – whether that's creating apps or insights. They aren't a
general meetup -- if you come, expect to get pulled into actually
building something, though we won't force you!

### Who

All are welcome. The events usually have short introductory talks
about specific projects and suggestions for things to work on – it’s
absolutely fine to turn up knowing nothing about data or openness or
tech as there’ll definitely be an activity for you to contribute to
and someone to guide you in helping out!

More about Open Data Maker Nights and Parties at:
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