[OpenSpending] Delete loaded data

David Krcek david at macventure.de
Wed Aug 12 11:54:07 UTC 2015

Hi @all,

i have to reload my datasource again. For this i delete the data, when try to reload the datasource again it look like that not all data was deleted and i run into duplicate key errors. Is there any procedure to delete the data without deleting the hole dataset?
The same datasource is loaded in an another test dataset without errors.

This error is shown:

(IntegrityError) insert or update on table "open_saar__entry" violates foreign key constraint "fk_open_saar_einzeplan" DETAIL: Key (einzeplan_id)=(1) is not present in table "open_saar__einzeplan". 'INSERT INTO open_saar__entry (id, einnahme_ausgabe, kapitel_id, titel_id, seite, soll_ist, titelkonto, titelgruppe_id, funktionsuebersicht_id, time_id, einzeplan_id, gruppenuebersicht_id, amount) VALUES (%(id)s, %(einnahme_ausgabe)s, %(kapitel_id)s, %(titel_id)s, %(seite)s, %(soll_ist)s, %(titelkonto)s, %(titelgruppe_id)s, %(funktionsuebersicht_id)s, %(time_id)s, %(einzeplan_id)s, %(gruppenuebersicht_id)s, %(amount)s)' {'einnahme_ausgabe': u'Einnahmen', 'titelgruppe_id': 1, 'seite': u'5', 'soll_ist': u'Soll', 'titelkonto': u'119 01', 'time_id': 1, 'titel_id': 1, 'amount': 1600.0, 'funktionsuebersicht_id': 1, 'einzeplan_id': 1, 'gruppenuebersicht_id': 1, 'id': 'abe9b3033f11dc45de937c0ef849d67c22b6f7c2', 'kapitel_id': 1}


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