[OpenSpending] Reviving the wiki (or something like it)

Paul Walsh paulywalsh at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 12:48:00 UTC 2015

I think that something backed by github pages would be the best option. 

It is fairly non-tech user friendly, and as you say, no real risk of spam. I haven’t seen prose.io before: looks good!

I personally don’t like mediawiki too much, and there are serious spam issues.

> On 27 Feb 2015, at 20:17, Rufus Pollock <rufus.pollock at okfn.org> wrote:
> Due to spam issues and the like we archived the original wiki.openspending.org <http://wiki.openspending.org/> a while back.
> For a while we had a github pages based site for our research, content and blog. As it was felt this was a bit tricky for (non-tech) contributors to use we migrated off this to Wordpress about 1.5y ago.
> However, Wordpress is more of a classic CMS and whilst good for the blog or controlled pages it obviously provides a rather significant barrier to entry for community contribution.
> I was therefore wondering what people thought about reviving the wiki or something like it and using it to power http://community.openspending.org <http://community.openspending.org/>. The two most obvious options are:
> - Reboot the wiki using mediawiki
>   - Pros: standard software, pretty easy for non-tech folks to use and contribute to
>   - Cons: tends to get badly spammed, another thing to maintain
> - Go back to github pages powered site. This is wiki-like in that github pages workflow now makes it fairly easy to contribute
>   - Pros: very easy to setup and not much to maintain, nice moderation workflow and no real risk of spam
>   - Cons: somewhat tech-y to contribute to (though we may be able to address that with e.g. prose.io <http://prose.io/> etc)
> Love to hear people's thoughts and suggestions.
> Rufus
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