[OpenSpending] Examples of outcomes/impact from data projects about public finance?

Michael Lenczner michael at ajah.ca
Thu Mar 19 14:04:46 UTC 2015

Hi Jonathan,

The work we do at Ajah and, more specifically, at our social initiative,
PoweredbyData, is based on accounts of government, corporate, and
foundation spending. Besides the commercial tools that we offer charities
to help them find possible funders, we also use Canadian federal and
provincial spending data to help non-profits minimize the time the spend
"mapping" the sectors in which they work
LANDSCAPE (below) is one of the tools that does that. We've had feedback
from organizations already that it's helping them identify collaborators.



Michael Lenczner
CEO, Ajah

On Thu, Mar 19, 2015 at 9:25 AM, Jonathan Gray <jonathan.gray at okfn.org>

> Hi all,
> As part of a research project we're doing on open budget data
> <http://blog.okfn.org/2015/03/04/new-research-project-to-map-the-impact-of-open-budget-data/>
> I'd be very interested to hear if anyone has any examples of
> outcomes/impact from data projects.
> For example, in leading to better resource allocation, improving public
> service delivery, flagging corruption, or leading to improved citizen
> participation in governance or decision-making.
> I have gathered a collection of examples which I will publish with the
> research project in due course, but any further interesting or compelling
> examples would be very welcome.
> Thanks!
> Jonathan
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