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Isaac Wojcik isaacwojcik at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 26 22:09:44 UTC 2011

Hello All, just launched a new website. 
Einstein University is a free online university/academic social network where students and professors from around the world can share ideas, read each others papers and collaborate on research. You can upload your photo, curriculum vitae and up to four research papers. Instead of charging students tuition the university funds itself through ad revenue and uses volunteer professors. www.einstein-university.orgfacebook/Einstein University
http://en.einstein-university.org/Zoology_IClick on the tabs at the top of each book, chat, ask, seminars, lectures to see other course material. Our goal is to eventually create open tests on the wiki and then import them to Moodle in GIFT format. 
If you have wiki experience and would like to be an administrator, shoot me an e-mail. With your help we can give the 2.5 billion people that live off less than $2 a day a chance at a higher education for the first time.   
Isaac Wojcikisaacwojcik at hotmail.com310-254-5144
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