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Jonathan Gray j.gray at cantab.net
Tue Jan 31 11:29:51 UTC 2012

For posterity, forwarding this here.

Mailing list apart, what do you all think re: Flickr suggestion?


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Hello Team Public Domain Review!

(Leila: have you been given an @okfn email address yet? Wasn't sure,
so copying your Yahoo address...)

Until recently we've been using my personal Flickr account for images
for the Public Domain Review. I suggest we create a separate Public
Domain Review account on Flickr, or start using the OKFN's account.

While the OKFN's would probably be more economical (so we don't have
to pay the fee twice) I think it could make sense that the project has
its own image account, e.g.:

We don't need to migrate all the images from my personal account over
to the Public Domain Review's account (or the OKFN's account) - at
least not for the foreseeable future - but I do think it would make
more sense to start putting the PDR's images in its own or OKFN Flickr

That means that:

 * We could start listing the PDR's Flickr account on the PDR website
and actively uploading sets, groups and encouraging people to follow
 * I could put radical images on Flickr and not worry that they might
interfere with expectations of our PDR followers
 * I could (in principle) stop paying for my Flickr account at some
hypothetical point in the future

For now I've set up a Flickr public group:


We could try and put interesting PD images from Flickr into the group,
and encourage others to do so as well - to build a small interesting
image hunting community around the PDR. For now this is public so
anyone can add, but we could make it moderated - so people suggest
things and then we approve them (might be better in long run...).

What do you think?

Also, should we set up an internal PDR mailing list so we can fire
ideas around? Then we can have an archive - so if we build up loads of
good ideas others could trawl back through for inspiration. This would
be complementary to the Google Spreadsheet...

O Wonderful PDR!

Jonathan Gray

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