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Have you replied to this?

I was going to ask her to send the collections she was thinking of using,
would be really nice to see what she comes up with too!


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I am french and I think I didn't understand all the "copyright laws"...

I would like to create my own clothes brand, and I would like to know if I
understood good :

I can re-use some of the illustrations in your website, but I have to write
the name of the author and you (public domain review). ?

The second point, I am not sure too understood is :
I can't make any modification of the illustrations or add some "things" ?
It means : if I use some of public domain illustration, I can't "change"
them ?
I have, for example, to print an illustration like it is, and I can't, for
example, sewn sequins on it, or I can't "cancel" a part of the

I am sorry for my "not very good "english", I hope you can help me.

Many thanks, and Happy new year !

Virginia Naïmi

Verÿ Soon
Contact : Virginia Naïmi
60ter boulevard du 25 août 1944,
94120 Fontenay sous Bois /

Sam Leon
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Open Knowledge Foundation
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