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Philippe Plagnol philippe.plagnol at gmail.com
Fri Oct 25 09:47:06 UTC 2013

Dear members,

To be able to load products into the database, we have to create the link
between the GTIN code (printed below the barcode) and products.

To identify a product, the required data are the brand, the name and the
size (oz. / g. / ml. / fl. oz. / ...). For the brand, we need an
identifier, and so, a brand repository.

If you download the database specifications of POD (
http://www.product-open-data.com/docs/POD-SPECS-2013.10.08_01.xlsx), you
will see that for the moment, brand repository contains 3 tables (brand,
brand_type and brand_group).

you can see the result here : http://www.product-open-data.com/group-list/

There're currently 4 000 brands (created manually) ...

We need to manage and scale this brand repository using a new platform
allowing collaborative work but with an important constraint : the Brand ID
must be stable and unique.

Do you have ideas about the way to do it ? (existing software, specific
development,... )

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