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Sach Kangovi sachk2003 at gmail.com
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Hi Nicolas;

                  Thank you for your prompt response. It is very helpful.
Yes, I would be interested to contribute to accelerate the process of having
the link between a GCP and a BSIN. Please let me know the details.








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Hello Sach,


Thank you for your interest into product open data.


>From the database you have downloaded, once imported, you should find a
table named "GTIN", in this table, you can find a "GTIN_NM" which
corresponds to the product name.


If you look for the products pictures, you can either :

- Download the pictures archive (recommended) :

- Access the gtin_img by querying the OpenDataSoft POD API :

- Access the gtin_img by querying the POD API :
<http://www.product-open-data.com/product/%3cGTIN_HERE%3e> <GTIN_HERE>


About the link between brand, brand_owner and gs1_gcp, it isn't done yet.
For the time being, you can solely find the "BSIN" field (Brand Standard
Identification Number) in the "GTIN" table which will allow you to link a
GTIN to a brand.


Please, feel free to tell us if you're interested to contribute to product
open data in order to accelerate the process of having the link between a
GCP and a BSIN.





On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 10:50 PM, Sach Kangovi <sachk2003 at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi okfn discussion group Members;

                                                       I am looking for an
open database of products that links GTIN with Product name and url that can
show product image and description. I was reading blog by
<http://okfn.org/members/katelynrogers/> Katelyn Rogers  dated October 14,
2013 on  <http://www.product-open-data.com/> www.product-open-data.com. She
has mentioned that  "Philippe Plagnol, working independently on the database
since November 2012, has begun building
<http://www.product-open-data.com/navigate/> a product database that
currently contains over one million product GTIN numbers of which 400,000
are already matched to their brand, GCP and GPC, over 600,000 images and
4,000 brands, all open for anyone to use, reuse and redistribute". 


downloaded the pod_web_2014.01.01_01 SQL file and it has tables for brand,
brand_group, brand_owner, brand_owner_bsin, brand_type and gs1_gc. This
database links the brand to brand owners and brand type but I could not find
the link between brand and gs1_gc.


                                                                   Could you
please let me know where I can get the database that matches Product name
and descriptions to GTIN that Katelyn is talking about. 


Thank You.



Sach Kangovi

email: sachk2003 at gmail.com



Sach Kangovi

email: sachk2003 at gmail.com


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