[School-of-data] usecase: linklist / digitizing online tools

kardan | brueckenschlaeger kardan at brueckenschlaeger.de
Fri Feb 10 21:23:22 UTC 2012

Greetings and thanks for this promising announcement!

I am generally interested in this is school and hope to be able to learn
from or even with you.
My current proposal is, to collect usecases to develop data management
related learning courses from.
Please point me to another place if this is too specific.
I use moodle (moodle.org) since 5 years, was involved in programming for
the Travelling School of Life (tsolife.org), since two months I use
thepublicschool.org as online group learning platform.

1) A very frequent usecase for me and surely many of us is doing
researches like foraging search results. This is opening lots of browser
tabs, taking notes about webpages and storing links in some kind of markup
(wiki, redcloth, textile, ..).
After half a year when this textfile could need an update I realize how
featureless this has been done and need to redo a lot of work.
My question is: which meta information should be stored in a useful
interpersonally link list (e.g. author with email, last update, list of
topics/TOC if present, description who could be please to find this link)
Additionally I think it is worth to develop (or find) a tool, that saves
all links of the result including the term, remembers where I went on, give
possibility to store above metainfo and when I rerun it after half a year
only shows new links or even shows diffs for previously marked and crawled
My current topic is biogas and this is the ticket for the above problem:

2) I am  scanning / photographing books and am looking for an OCR aided
online transcription tool. Rufus pointed me to a collaborative digitizing
tool in development which is already used for booking statistics, maybe you
know of other projects as well.

3) For some time I think, wow this okfn/pubsoft lists are amazing. I
should make up a linklist of all the published tools. Hope someone of you
is on this already and will share the link, otherwise just give me some

Looking forward to read your ideas and practices,


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