[School-of-data] Introducing myself

Ola Løvholm ola at lovholm.net
Tue May 22 12:36:03 UTC 2012

Hello School of Data, 

I am a research assistant on a project looking at liveness and music streaming at the University of Oslo. Last year I did a masters at University of Edinburgh where I wrote a thesis on "Open Public Data", in which I tried to contextualise the emerging trend of open data. Currently I try to combine the practical and theoretical aspects of working with data, especially public data, and how to create meaning from an abundance of records. I think the school of data is a great way to both spread interest about the topic as well as practical skills. I look forward to learn lots and hopefully contribute with something myself. My background is mostly theoretical, but I enjoy scripting and have experienced great pleasure in creating some screen-scraping scripts. I also try to maintain my blog at lovholm.net. 

Looking forward to begin! :)

Best regards, 

Ola Løvholm

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