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Hi, Marco,

My name is Natalia, I'm a brazilian journalist and researcher (and a school
of data enthusiast!), nice to meet you. :)

I completely agree with you. I had an experience in my journalism school -
I proposed a datajournalism lab that worked very well - and I think it
would be a nice "first step" to organize a list of key people/professors of
the best journalism schools in order to get them involved in the project.
If we have one person in each university available to use/improve the
school of data material, it would be a great thing! You can count on me to
organize the list from Brazil.


2012/10/12 Dmitry Sokolov <dmitry.v.sokolov at gmail.com>

>  Good comment Michael,
> FYI:
> MIAWiki is a Mind Fusion platform where mind maps, concepts, data,
> knowledge, best practices, other forms of mental activities can be shared
> and stored for future use. The platform has a cultural component mentioned
> by Marco too, and I am facing similar difficulties in educating the users
> of MIAWiki.
> Michael, Marco and other fellows, would you be interested in developing
> the "Open Data" project under the MIAWiki principles:
> http://confocal-manawatu.pbworks.com/w/page/56529750/MIAWiki%20Quick%20Start%20Guide
> Thank you,
> Dmitry
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> On 12/10/2012 8:52 p.m., Michael Bauer wrote:
> Marco,
> On Fri, Oct 12, 2012 at 09:21:45AM +0200, M. Fioretti wrote:
>  My first, but not only, reason to join this list is to share ideas,
> material, proposals, organize courses for teachers, etc... around the
> "Open Data in and from Education" proposal I presented last year at
> the OKFN camp:
> http://mfioretti.com/warsaw-open-data-and-education
> In my opinion, the first way to go about it is to work directly on
> teachers, from simply presenting success stories and opportunities, to
> eventually organizing ***specific*** courses for them. Higher level
> initiatives are good, but probably harder to get funds/sponsors, and
> students will try anything that their teachers will tell them may
> procure good marks.
>  I do thing that data can be a valuable tool for teaching. Thus I fully
> agree with you there. Whether it's the "first" way or the "best" way I
> don't know but it's a way. And I wouldn't limit that to Open Data either.
> Michael
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