[School-of-data] data management for developing countries?

Johanna Jones jgoder2 at uic.edu
Thu Apr 18 12:10:14 UTC 2013

Michael is spot-on: SMS or a local network that connects up later.

This group highlights how accounting for battery life, no matter the
device, is important and gives relative costs of data capture and
management using paper, smartphone, and other devices.

OpenMRS is also being adapted for research purposes and may be able to
follow the iPad/laptop and local network that connects up later.  It also
benefits from having a robust and international development community.

These folks adopted EpiInfo for a PDA

This review of mHealth in developing countries highlights failures in study
design that should be corrected moving forward, for example, a lack of a
conceptual framework.

If paper-based is a a reasonable fallback then it might be worthwhile to
have an anthropologist on the team to figure out how to capitalize on local
knowledge and recording systems that could then be recorded electronically
later when the power is on or there is a connection.  Photovoice might even
be possible.

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