[School-of-data] IPython notebook to blog post

Michael Bauer michael.bauer at okfn.org
Wed Aug 14 11:54:58 UTC 2013


Just have done this and wanted to share a quick insight:

the IPython notebook is great for working on datasets where you want to
have a certain live aspect to it. You enter your information and document
input and output - with further options to enter explanatory text etc.

At a recent Hacks/Hackers meeting I started live-coding a PDF scraper like
this - decided to document it a bit better and then was wondering whether
I could just post it on the blog. Asking around twitter I was pointet to
nbconvert (included with the new IPython 1.0.0).

ipython2 nbconvert --to markdown mynotebook.ipynb provided a nice markup
base to start my (wordpress) blogpost from. 

If you wonder where it is it's scheduled to be posted on friday ;)

So if you do interesting data work in python, consider the IPython notebook
and create a blogpost from it on the fly...


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