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David F. Flanders david.flanders at ands.org.au
Wed Feb 20 20:47:32 UTC 2013

Just a quick mention that we are having some discussions on the software
carpentry Listserv about adding an additional day on 'data carpentry' which
I'd very much like to see open participation by the two groups :)

As to, what things do you think would be essential for a one day F2F choose
on data skills for researchers? Please keep in mind that these courses are
for researchers (usually early career) and that they are taught as
discipline specific, eg. Data carpentry for computational chemistry or data
carpentry for linguists, etc

I'll of course be looking to share alike everything that we produce to
support school of data.  Which in my mind acts as a great virtual follow up
to the face to face courses, or perhaps preamble to prepare for the
intensive course?

All ideas greatly appreciated.

On Feb 21, 2013 6:28 AM, "Tom Morris" <tfmorris at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Tue, Feb 19, 2013 at 3:55 PM, Tony.Hirst <Tony.Hirst at open.ac.uk> wrote:
>> Peter
>> As I'm guessing big software installs don't phase you, have you seen Pete
>> Warden's Data Science toolkit; it's got a geocoding db I think, though I'm
>> not sure what the coverage of it is? (I haven't tried it yet - on my to do
>> list)
>> http://petewarden.typepad.com/searchbrowser/2011/03/launching-the-data-science-toolkit.html
>> If anyone on the list has played with it - what's it like?!;-)
>> Also possibly of interest to others on the list, another Pete Warden
>> service: OpenHeatmap - http://www.openheatmap.com/  (code
>> https://github.com/petewarden/openheatmap )
>> One of the things this has built in is recognition of some common region
>> codes/identifiers - http://www.openheatmap.com/locationhelp.php
> The commit comments imply that his Python geocoder is better than the PHP
> one that OpenHeatmap is based on.
> He has some interesting commentary about the quality of open geocoders in
> a recent blog post:
> http://petewarden.typepad.com/searchbrowser/2013/02/how-good-are-our-geocoders.html
> In particular, he says that he doesn't consider Nominatum, the service
> highlighted in the School of Data tutorial, to be good enough quality to
> build OpenHeatmap on top of.
> Tom
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