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Hi everyone,

Lisa Williams found a good way for "insanely illustrated" tutorials around
data-driven projects.

She published one about TileMill/maps in April and now a guide for creating
a timeline.
I do like the style and structure of these. When training journalists an
overlooked obstacle is that using Javascript-libraries, etc. calls for a
different organization of stuff on the users computer: They need the
command line, they need to go into folders to change data, oh, and here is
GitHub, etc. Not that difficult if you did that a few times, but quickly
confusing and essentially new. In many trainings I found that for some even
Excel is kind of "new". My focus is on training journalists to use data, so
any approach to overcome those issues is welcome.

The tutorials from Lisa do that very well - they have a beginning and an
end, they go step-by-step, users have a good chance to succeed.
How do they say on Facebook? Like!

Here are the links to the first two tutorials:

The insanely illustrated guide for your first tile mill map

The absurdly illustrated guide for your first data-driven timeline

+++ Lisa's website is apply named "Data for Radicals". There you have it.


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