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as some of you know I completed my PHD this year and I wanted to share the
resulting thesis and practice with you ! (for those who don't know me
personally I am sharing this because I have referenced you or your
institution in my thesis and thought you might be interested).

The research focused on a consideration of the sites offered to community
art  by open data, social media and FLOSS practices. In turn perspectives
developed from community art were used to critically evaluate the
constitution of these sites derived from their underlying methodologies.

>From this research a set of proposals were developed that attempted to
integrate open data methods within community art practice. The abstract can
be seen below.

The full PHD 'Expanding Community Art Practice: An analysis of new forms of
productive site within community art practice' can be downloaded here:


Documentation of the project can be seen here:


And a blog detailing the research' progression can be found here:



Dr Kevin Carter
Co-Lab Projects - www.co-lab.org


Dr Kevin Carter
Co-Lab Projects - www.co-lab.org
20 Grenville Road
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+44 [0]7970-680029

Blog:  http://landscape-portrait.blogspot.com/

Current Projects:

> Landscape/Portrait 2010.
 Info: www.landscape-portrait.com

Recent Projects:

> ThePublic Gallery - West Bromwich 2008
 Regional Voice 2008. Black Country software voice.

> Burnley Public Art Projects 2008.
 Info: http://www.co-lab.org/commissions/BurnleyPublicArtProject2008.htm
 Press Review:

> Remembering & Forgetting 2008.
 Info: http://www.co-lab.org/Remembering_Forgetting_2008_Kevin_Carter.htm

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