[School-of-data] Talk on Data Munging

Gaurav Godhwani gggodhwani at gmail.com
Sun Nov 2 06:37:20 UTC 2014


We are planning a session on Data Munging in Bangalore, India basically
focussed on dealing with NGO data and Open Data available locally. We like
to know if anyone is interested is to speak on this subject (tentative date
29 November, 2014 happy to share more details).

We would love to know your ideas around this, you may mention some
techniques, tools, algorithms or some other stuff which you feel we should
cover in this session. Please use following hackpad
<https://hackpad.com/Data-Munging-Talk-OVWkwzO9ron> to scribble your

Thanks in advance, we appreciate your efforts.

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