[School-of-data] [ddj] Geocoding tutorials on the School of Data Blog

Idoia Sota idoiasota at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 18:05:18 UTC 2014

Dear All,

    I'm trying to scrape this map with no success at all:
and https://www.icc-ccs.org/piracy-reporting-centre/live-piracy-map

     There are two levels of information in it: the one on the tooltip and
the one on the link that appears on the tooltip.

     I've tryed ScraperWiki (Json), but it gives me an error (I don't even
know if it makes sense to use it). And then tryed to code on scraperwiki,
but getting the html code gave this error (image attached). I seems I need
to have some certificate for the page. Nevertheless, I can see all the data
when I clic on "see the html code of this page". (image 2 attached)

   Can anybody tell me what would it be the best to do with this? Can you
help me? Thank you so much!


2013-02-19 14:55 GMT+01:00 Lucy Chambers <lucy.chambers at okfn.org>:

> Hi All,
> If anyone has ever wanted to know how to convert simple place names in a
> spreadsheet to lat and long values so that they can put their data on a
> map, Rufus Pollock has just put up a couple of tutorials on the School of
> Data blog.
> An introduction to Geocoding:
> http://schoolofdata.org/2013/02/19/geocoding-part-i-introduction-to-geocoding/
> Geocoding in a Google Docs Spreadsheet:
> http://schoolofdata.org/2013/02/19/geocoding-part-ii-geocoding-data-in-a-google-docs-spreadsheet/
> We'll be looking to port them over to the School of Data Handbook in the
> near future, so please let us know what you think of them (feel free to use
> the blog comments or the mailing lists!).
> More soon,
> Lucy
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