[School-of-data] Introduction to Data Warehouse for Laymen

Lucy Chambers lucy.chambers at okfn.org
Fri Oct 3 17:35:38 UTC 2014

Hi Stefan,

Happy to see your drawings again. Love the piece!

Testing your piece as a layperson here :)

I’m also particularly interested in the drawing at the end:

* what’s a ‘probe’?
* do you have a drawing or an analogy to help further break down the
distinction in the statement: “So, do you really have a data warehouse or
just a database with tables?”
* You’ve mentioned what can go wrong in an actual warehouse when things get
messed up - I wonder if you have a way of conveying in a simple way the
ways you can actually mess up data warehousing?

Thanks for sharing - would love to hear more,


On 29 September 2014 06:38, Stefan Urbanek <stefan.urbanek at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I think that you might be interested in this very basic introduction to
> the data warehousing that I put together:
> https://medium.com/@Stiivi/data-warehouse-for-laymen-a148c09a352f
> I would like to hear your opinion and whether you would like to hear more,
> Cheers,
> Stefan
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