[School-of-data] Science Advice wikibomb THIS FRIDAY 24 October

Michelle Kovacevic kovamic at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 03:03:24 UTC 2014

Did you know that searching "Science Advice" on wikipedia would redirect to
the US government's office of science and technology policy? We thought it
odd that there was no easily accessible place where you can find out how
each country's science advice system is structured and who the science
advisors are.

Taking a step to rectify this information gap, we have started a Science
Advice Wikipedia page <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Science_advice> but it
is in dire need of a good update. We have decided to hold a 'wikibomb'
<http://michellekovacevic.com/join-science-advice-wikibomb-oct-24/> (a
collective action to update wikipedia pages) for 24 hours this Friday
October 24th and need your help - both to spend as much or little time as
you can updating and referencing the page and also promoting the effort to
those who might be interested.

For more information about the wikibomb and step-by-step instructions about
how to get involved, please read:

Hope you can help us improve fill the information gap on this very
important issue!


Michelle Kovacevic

Communicator | Project Manager | Scientist | Creative Thinker

@kovamic <http://www.twitter.com/kovamic>

Kimberley Nicholas

Assistant Prof at Lund University researching climate change, sustainable
food, ecosystem services.

@KA_Nicholas <http://www.twitter.com/KA_Nicholas>
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