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Milena, all the best in your new future

SCODA allies, keep on shining!


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On Fri, Aug 21, 2015 at 5:55 PM, Milena Marin <milena.marin at okfn.org> wrote:

> Dear Friends,
> I am writing to bid you farewell as this is my last day with School of
> Data.
> I am at a loss for words to express what an immense joy it was to work
> with you for the past two years. The energy and dedication of this
> community is extremely inspiring and something I will miss a lot.
> School of Data grew and matured quite a lot in the past few years and I am
> so very proud to have been around to witness it all. As I am the last one
> from my team or “generation”, I feel compelled to round up some of our
> community wide achievements in the past years:
>    - We are now a proper network of individuals and organisations working
>    to improve data literacy in their communities and the network is owned
>    by its members
>    <http://schoolofdata.org/2015/06/15/the-future-of-school-of-data/>
>    - We've ran numerous of lessons and hands-on tutorials on how to work
>    with data published online benefiting thousands of people around the world
>    - We've trained over 4500 people trained in person
>    - We've mentored directly tens of organisations to become tech savvy
>    and data driven, in over 40 different countries
>    - We kicked off and mainstreamed the School of Data Fellowship
>    programme, which now counts 26 fellows from 25 countries to provide
>    long-term data support to CSOs in their community
>    - We pioneered hands-on data training and literacy methods such as the
>    data expedition, now replicated in various formats by organisations around
>    the world.
> I am extremely proud to leave School of Data in the capable hands of the new
> coordination team
> <http://schoolofdata.org/2015/07/01/fresh-faces-in-the-school-of-data-coordination-team/>:
> Marco, Cedric, Meg and Katelyn. They are all amazing and together are make
> a super strong team, have fun working with them all!
> As for me, I am moving on to a new and exciting role with Amnesty
> International as Senior Innovations Campaigner. There I will explore how
> Amnesty can use new technologies to engage its membership in collating,
> documenting and verifying evidence of human right violations. My aim is to
> turn regular people into human rights investigators and I will experiment
> with using various crowd-sourcing approached to analyse, classify and
> verify intelligence coming from satellite imagery, videos, images and
> social media reports.
> I will of course remain an active member of this community – I am already
> planning a series of data expeditions in Amnesty and looking forward to
> share my experiences with you all.
> Don’t hesitate to stay in touch! I am always up for a chat and if you are
> in London for a drink of your choice. Otherwise, I can be reached on email
> at marin.milena at gmail.com  and on Twitter @milena_iul
> See you on the other side,
> Milena
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