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Heather Leson heatherleson at gmail.com
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HI Folks, I am working on a evidence verification tool. It would be great
to have your input into our early iterations.


Heather Leson
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Subject: [CrisisMappers] Google Hangout: How to Become a Digital Sherlock
Holmes and Support Relief Efforts
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Dear CrisisMappers,

The verification of crisis information is key for disaster response and
crisis mapping efforts. The 2013 CrisisMappers Conference (ICCM 2013) also
emphasized the need for more resources and efforts to tackle the
verification challenge. So please join us next Tuesday for a Google Hangout
(also accessible via YouTube) with the team behind Verily (crowdsourced
verification for disaster response) and experts in the verification of
user-generated content. More information here on Verily and the Hangout
Participate via Twitter using the hashtag: #VerilyLive.

Thank you,
Patrick & Verily Team

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