[School-of-data] What I learned from working on School of Data

Lucy Chambers lucy at fedia.net
Tue Mar 10 14:02:02 UTC 2015

Hi there folks, 

Looking at the list archives, I'm not sure that my "I'm moving on from
School of Data"[1] message came through to the list so apologies if this
comes out sequence.

I've had a lovely month off winding down from work and have had time to
do some writing on what I learned working at Open Knowledge and
particularly on School of Data. I'm sending it along in case it is of

This first post is about people and is entitled: “Why I deleted the word
‘techie’ from my vocabulary” - http://techtohuman.com/5_in_5_people/

#longread warning. 

There is a part which is particularly pertinent to School of Data, if
you would like to jump straight to that: 


Which focusses on the decision for the Open Knowledge School of Data
team to focus on tech skills below a code ceiling, and whether that was
a good idea, and whether a code ceiling even exists. 

One of the next posts I want to write is on teaching, so I am keen for
any feedback on whether the framing I use here makes sense to people, as
I suspect the topic will rear its head again in the next post!

Thank you as ever, 


  Lucy Chambers
  lucy at fedia.net

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