[School-of-data] Rating Companies on Responsible Sourcing - Data Sprint

Milena Marin marin.milena at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 15:06:45 UTC 2016

Dear friends,

Amnesty International, Global Witness and WikiRate are teaming up to
research how companies source and use minerals and their responsible
souring practices.

We are kicking off this collaboration with a data sprint in Cambridge next
Monday. More details and registration here:

If you are in Cambridge, we would love to see you there.

Alternatively you can also participate online directly in the WikiRate
platform <http://wikirate.org/Amnesty%20International+contribution> and
connect with the event on Twitter using the #AmnestySprint hashtag.

Please also help us spread the word, here are some sample tweets:

*. at AmnestyOnline, @Global_Witness & @WikiRate are teaming up to rate
companies #ResponsibleSourcing practices. Join: http://bit.ly/RSsprint

*Join the #AmnestySprint in Cambridge on responsible sourcing. Bonus:
repair your broken device w/ @RestartProject http://bit.ly/RSsprint
<http://bit.ly/RSsprint> *

*. at Amnesty needs your help to research how companies source and use
minerals! Join the #AmnestySprint on 18 Jan http://bit.ly/RSsprint
<http://bit.ly/RSsprint>  *

*18 Jan: Join the #AmnestySprint offline or online and work on
#ResponsibleSourcing . Details & registration here: http://bit.ly/RSsprint

Thanks and hope to see some of you there,
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