[science-at] Fwd: [open-science] Call for Stories -- How can open *research* data lead to better research (data)?

Stefan Kasberger stefan.kasberger at gmx.at
Wed Sep 4 22:09:27 UTC 2013

Kenall, Amye, BioMed Central Ltd. <Amye.Kenall at biomedcentral.com>


Call for Stories

How can open research data lead to better research (data)?


Following the OKF and Jonathan Gray's open data stories initiative
(http://bit.ly/opendata-betterdata), we're looking for stories on how
open research data has made research/research data better. We're
collecting stories/examples of how open data (CC0) can lead to better
data and better research in this Google Doc (http://tiny.cc/4c2v2w).

Everyone knows about transparency, accountability, reusability, etc.
Great concepts, but let's get some stories down that we can use to
really inspire researchers to start sharing their data! If you know of
more stories to add, please email
amye.kenall at biomedcentral.com<mailto:amye.kenall at biomedcentral.com> or
or @AmyeKenall<https://twitter.com/AmyeKenall>.

Please forward/share as much as possible!

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