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Liebe Listen,

Der Call for Papers für eine m.E. sehr interessante Session beim 
Österreichischen Soziologiekongress 2015 ist offen

DORA et al.: Global movements against ‘impactitis’ and ‘evaluitis’” - 
Ad-hoc-Gruppe  auf dem Österreichischen Soziologiekongress 2015: 
“Soziologie in Österreich – Internationale Verflechtungen”, 
1.-3.10.2015, Universität Innsbruck  http://oegs.ac.at/kongress/

  CALL FOR PAPERS  “DORA et al.: Global movements against ‘impactitis’ 
and ‘evaluitis’, Terje Tüür-Fröhlich

A growing number of learned societies, journals, scientific institutions 
and scientists/ scholars argue and campaign against the ‘almighty‘ 
journal impact factor, produced by the North-American for-profit 
corporation Thomson Reuters. The most famous initiative of protest and 
recommendations is named DORA, The San Francisco Declaration on Research 
Assessment. Worldwide more and more oppositional action groups of 
scientists/scholars, librarians, journals, universities, research funds 
and scientific associations stand up against university rankings. 
h-Index-rankings and other forms of ‘evaluitis’ and ‘impactitis’ in 
neoliberal “audit cultures”. The critics, often from cultural and social 
sciences, emphasize the erroneous and biased nature of quantitative 
evaluation procedures and their negative effects on scientific personnel 
(especially early career scientists) and scientific development, 
especially the discrimination of cultural and social sciences.

In this ad-hoc-group we want to discuss the quantitative evaluation 
practices and their effects on social science scholars, journals, 
institutions and strategies to fight against.”

  DORA: San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment- Putting 
science into the assessment of research  http://am.ascb.org/dora/

  Beitragseinreichungen (in deutscher oder englische Sprache) an Terje 
Tüür-Fröhlich,  Institut für Philosophie und Wissenschaftstheorie, 
Johannes Kepler Universität, A-4040 Linz-Aufhof, Mail: terje punkt tuur 
klammeraffe jku punkt at   WWW:   http://www.iwp.jku.at / tuur/


Viele Grüße

Ulrich Herb

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