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Looks like a great opportunity - application deadline is on Friday.

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Subject: [Wikidata] Job vacancy at TIB (Germany): Wikipedian in Residence
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Dear all,

I have a vacancy in my group which should be especially of interest
for people who are into Wikisource and/or Wikidata.

We are looking for a Wikipedian in Residence for a duration of up to
three years.

The Job is part of a new project “NOA – The replication of open access
images: development of a method for automatic harvesting, indexing and
provision of open access images from technical subjects using the
infrastructure of Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata”.

You will play a leading role in the conceptual design of harvesting
Open Access articles issued by various publishers.

Have a look at the full English job description here:

Please note that applications should be send before 12th August 2016!

For any questions about the project and the job, please contact me.
I’m looking forward to all questions and applications!



Lambert Heller

Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB)

German National Library of Science and Technology

Open Science Lab

Welfengarten 1 B // 30167 Hannover, Germany

T +49 511 762-5348

lambert.heller at tib.eu


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